T-Scan novus Occlusal Analysis System

A T-Scan III system includes Windows-based software, scanning electronics (Handle), and sensors (Laptop not included).

This 3rd generation system features a consistent sampling rate of 100 Hz. In Turbo Mode, reach a sampling speed of up to 495 Hz, and detect three times the number of potential occlusal force aberrations.

T-Scan Sensor Description


The T-Scan sensor was the first, developed in 1987 with the start of the company. Since then, Tekscan has continued to improve the sensor design through Research and Development to ensure for the most accurate and reliable data. Today, Tekscan is pleased to offer our 4th generation T-Scan sensor.


 The disposable sensor can be reused for ~15-25 recordings.

Sensor thickness is only 100 microns - no interference with natural bite.

Sensor is more durable than ever!

Sensor has no shelf-life date - you can use them when you need them.


Also included with a T-Scan purchase:


Clinical Education DVD - 35 minute step-by-step tutorial video of a live patient adjustment

Attendance to Day 1 of a 2-day Computer Guided Occlusion Seminar (US locations only)

A full library of application guides

Note: Additional items may be included.

Tekscan Computer Requirements


For your Tekscan system to function properly, your computer must meet or exceed the following requirements:


Suggested Minimum Computer Requirements (desktop or laptop) for all Tekscan Systems


Intel Pentium 2 GHz or higher processor1 with 1 GB RAM

1 GB hard drive and 1 CD ROM drive

Windows 2000 (SP4), XP (SP2), Vista or 7 operating system (refer to chart below)


Requirements for Optional Video Synch Features (in addition to the above requirements)



Additional 20 GB Hard drive space (ATA-33, 7200 RPM speed) on the main computer

Firewire (iLink or IEEE1394) or USB port on the main computer

Digital Video camcorder with Firewire (iLink or IEEE1394) or USB connection3, or webcam4 with USB connection

Requirements for HD Video Playback: Pentium P4 class PC (2.4 GHz or higher), Windows XP (SP2 or later) or Vista, 1 GB minimum RAM

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